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Broken Inside Bumper Sticker

Broken Inside Bumper Sticker


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  • Durable & weatherproof

  • Made of thick vinyl which protects from scratching, rain & sunlight

  • Size: 8.5" x 2.9" inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 458 reviews
Obsessed with this art and sticker!

I absolutely love this sticker, it's so cute, I brought it to show my coworkers and friends and therapist. 😆 Great quality and shipping!

Jill Zgorzelski
Adore this Sticker

The design & message delighted me, I couldn’t wait to put it on my car’s booty where it is now! I just love it! 🥰

Sevven Bee
This ladybug loves riding on my bumper

It's hard to even find words to express the joy I experience every time I see my stickers. I make sure to park in a way that means I return to my car in view of them. "The despair is neverending yet I remain silly," is becoming my new catchphrase. I hope these hold up forever. Won't stop me from buying more if they don't need replaced because they make lovely gifts too.

Rachel Peterson
I got ... a lot of them

Alright, I'm obsessed with these. Soon my entire bumper will be filled and I'll look like the craziest woman on earth. I just love them so much and they speak to my soul. If I think from the perspective of another driver, I'd love to read them at a stoplight or whatever, so I think they are appreciated by someone besides me (lmao). The magnets stick on really well and haven't come flying off yet. I got one sticker and i actually had to take it off because it didn't look good where I had it, so it's actually possible to re place it. They all look so nice and since my car is crappy, why not fill it with cuteness?

Gabrielle Manus
Adorable bumper sticker

I ordered this because its cute and reminds me of my cat. Its a good quality sticker and looks good on my truck